Woman Wins Halloween as a Texan’s Favorite Superhero: Whatawoman

When darkness falls and midnight hunger strikes, who ya gonna call? Whatawoman! That’s exactly what we’re thinking after seeing this amazing Halloween costume from Reneé Fujii in Fort Worth, Texas. A playful Texas take on the best superhero of the year, Wonder Woman, Whatawoman boasts the signature headband, wristbands, shield, sword, and lasso. No Texas costume is complete, after all, without a lasso.

This creative cosplay seems both intricate and fairly easy to make as the materials really do come from Whataburger. The different drink sizes make up the thigh portion of the orange boots, and the waist belt is such a creative touch. The best part, however, are Kevin Fujii’s captions for these photos on Facebook. Let’s take a peek at the costume.

“Whataburger fights for truth, fairness, and deep fried apple pie.”

Facebook: Kevin Fujii

Nothing is better than a deep fried apple pie. Or any pie. We’ll take all of the Whatapies, please.

“Passers-by feel safe and secure with Whatawoman guarding their train and Whatachick’ns.”

Facebook: Kevin Fujii

We need a delivery of Whatachick’ns, STAT. Whatawoman, what’s your call!

“Whatawoman fights against curly fries to keep the world order straight.”

Facebook: Kevin Fujii

Remember the controversial fry ranking that just about broke the internet? We might be team curly fries, but only if Whatawoman allows it.

“Whatawoman might offer you spicy ketchup, salsa, or a large order of foam sword.”

Facebook: Kevin Fujii

Step away from the Spicy Ketchup and no one gets hurt!

“Whatawoman uses the Lasso of Truth to get your order.”

Facebook: Kevin Fujii

Fighting for truth, justice, and the end of all carbohydrates ever, Whatawoman knows that the truest way to the heart of a Texan is with an offering of gravy with your Whatafries.

The only thing that would complete this costume is a companion Whatahulk, named after the secret menu drink you can mix up yourself at the soda station. While it might turn your mouth radioactive green for the night, it seems like Whatawoman has just the cure: late night taquitos for all!

Editor’s Note: Reneé Fujii has been contacted for comment regarding this gorgeous costume, and the article will be updated pending her responses.

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