You Can Now Own Katy Perry’s Kitchen

Lately I just can’t seem to get enough of celebrity homes — or more specifically, celebrity kitchens. First there was Beyoncé, and then there was Mary Berry. Is it because they’re celebrities? No, I mean, that’s a fun bonus, but really it’s because my own kitchen is in the middle of a remodel and I don’t want to leave anything awesome out so I keep peeking at other folks’ digs.

Often when I scope out other people’s homes, I immediately dissect the living space to determine if it would fit my own personal needs. Many times they seem stuffy, but when it comes to the house that Katy Perry recently put on the market for a cool $9.45 million, I’m tempted to ditch my own place and just move right in.

I especially like the layout and staging of her old kitchen and dining area. The space has a traditional table (if you call an amazing tree trunk base traditional) and an eat-in kitchen, and it still has room to move and breathe.

The kitchen itself is a practical size without a weighty island like you’d find in many celebrity kitchens. It feels like a space that’s fresh and useable (although judging by her stint with Gordon Ramsay in The F Word, we’re guessing food prep isn’t exactly on her radar).

The oven and stove are on the corner, which, in combination with the floor being laid in on an angle, is a lot of look (thank you, Tim Gunn). But it works because the space is open and bright without taking itself too seriously.

I’ll let you peruse the rest of the listing over on Zillow, as the rest of the house has as much personality as these two rooms. Don’t forget to catch your jaw when you get to the shots of the gym!

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