Your Dog Needs This Watering Bowl

If Professor Fuzzy Pants could talk, he’d tell you how much he loves all your Mason jars and all your stuff designed to look like Mason jars. He loves your Mason jar measuring spoons, wants to sniff around in your Mason jar-lined pantry, and he gets so thirsty watching you sip homemade iced tea and cold brew coffee out of your Mason jars. He wants all the Mason jars he can shake a stick at!

He also wants to drink out of a Mason jar just like his humans. And now he can!

Buy: Petmate Mason Jar Replenishing Waterer, from $17 at Petsmart

Just get him this replenishing waterer, which comes in four different sizes (pick the best one based on the size of your dog). It’s designed to look like an iconic Mason jar, but instead of making pups awkwardly lap water out of the jar’s mouth, it sits on a base that’s just as wide as any other dog bowl.

Fill it to the top before you leave for work in the morning and it’ll keep refilling the base as he drinks while you’re gone. This way, you’ll never have to worry about him running out of water during the day. Note: You will probably have to hire a walker to help avoid any sort of, um, accidents.

What would your dog think of this?

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